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The Good Neighbor Series All four books in the Good Neighbors Series

“Fate Be Damned” was originally written and published in 2008 under the title, The Good Neighbors by popular author John R. Dann.” His other books also include: Storm in August (2009), S.C.R.A.M. The Chernnobyl Connection, (2008), Song of the Earth (2005), and Song of the Axe (2001), and Song of the Gods.

After John's death in April, 2009, his daughter Janet (a writer and illustrator in her own right), revised and fully illustrated this original tale of historic fiction.
Now in 2020, the books have been made into a series with the addition of the fourth book, Measuring Up, along with the second (Long Dance Home) and third (Debts and Vengeance)


A Depression era saga of a Romanian family seeking the American Dream on a South Dakota farm
while confronting displaced Chicago gangsters and local bigotry
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Iron Guard pursuit of Romanian dancer, Irina, who plans to defect on an American tour
and of her South Dakota family’s struggles to rescue her.
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The culmination of debts owed and mob vengeance involves kidnappings, a road show tour,
bare knuckle boxing, horse races and New Yorkers in South Dakota.
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A continuation of the stories and characters of the first 3 books set in 1934 with the New York
and South Dakota families going to Devils Tower, Wyoming for a wedding, rodeo, and the 4th of July. .
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