Musings on Horses - by Marie Skuffeeda

The horse is such a noble creature. For thousands of years Man has had a kinship with the horse. He worked for Man and he was Man’s companion. Then something changed in the early twentieth century that challenged Man’s unique relationship with the horse. Industrialization happened.

Tractors don’t care about warm dry bedding and fresh hay served with sweet corn and oats after a hard day’s work. Machines can work all day and all night; they never get tired. The horse was being replaced.
While cars were making the horse obsolete as a work partner to Man, there was still a time and place that wasn’t able to keep pace with the dawning era of machines. The Depression time of the 1930s in the U.S.A. saw life still moving slower and with less mechanization. There was just no money for “frills”. Horses were still logging and plowing and running fancy races. The name Sea Biscuit comes to mind.

It is definitely therapeutic to brush a horse ‘til his coat is slick and shiny. No matter if he is a 2000 pound dray horse or a high-stepping saddle bred horse. Horses create a sense of well being; one might even call it contentment. As hard as the depression was, our continued partnership with horses helped ease the desperation and sooth our souls. They have always been and will always be a blessing to Mankind.